about us

Swipe starts with more efficient data collection. Students check in when they first arrive to school by "swiping" ID cards at the school entrance(s). The swiping stations record the exact time of entry and print "Swipe Alerts" for students that have active alerts or messages. Each Swipe station can log in dozens of students per minute for fast, efficient attendance data collection. No lines, no waiting.

truancy tracking

With the arrival time of each student on file, teachers simply log into the Swipe website to view the real-time attendance status for each period. Swipe works side by side the school's official attendance system and offers period by period attendance accountability. If a student shows "Present" on screen but is missing from class, the teacher will see this and select "class cut". This will trigger an alarm the next day when the student Swipes so administrators can take action immediately.

parent info

Parents can also participate in the Swipe process by signing up for a FREE swipe account. Parents can view their students attendance online and even request automated emails and text messages.

key features

Saves Time

Students (and optionally teachers and staff) simply "Swipe" barcoded ID cards or RFID smart tags when they arrive to school. Swipe logs the exact arrival time and prints passes too.

Makes School Safer

Swipe includes a visitor pass & i.d. card maker. It can be programmed to sound alerts for suspensions, invalid IDs, and any custom criteria.



Improves Attendance Accuracy

Swipe automates the attendance tracking process and provides multi-user web based access to real-time data and reports

Supports Discipline Initiatives

Late reports, detention reports, and obligations owed reports can be run from any users desk with the click of a button.