the hardware

  • Star TSP143u Thermal Printer with Auto-Cut

    Great for printing visitor passes, hall passes & student I.D. Cards.

  • USB Barcode Slot Scanner

    For scanning I.D. cards to record & track attendance.

  • Laptop PC

    Pre-loaded with all necessary swipe software.

swipe software

Scanning Software
• Student Arrival Time Tracking
•  Custom Student Alerts
•  Do Not Admit Alerts
•  Late Passes with Printed Statistics
•  Early Dismissal Scanning & Pass Print
•  Office Arrival & Departure Tracking
•  Field Trip Departure & Return Tracking
•  Even Screening
•  Detention Arrival & Departure
•  Visitor tracking & pass printing
•  Temporary ID Card Printing
•  ID Card Fines Tracking
•  FREE Reduced Mea Tracking
Web Based Software
•  Instant Multi-User Access to Real Time Student Data from any Computer with Internet Access
•  Creation of Custom Alerts
•  Discipline, Detention & Fines/Debt Management