our products

  • Swipe Basic

    Swipe basic is ideal for schools that want to automate tardy tracking and late pass printing, as well as student departures and return from doctor appointments, field trips, and athletic events.    Swipe basic can also be used to track Student detentions, bathroom visits, nurse, and guidance visits. 
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  • Swipe Premium

    Swipe premium is the ultimate solution for complete student accountability, truancy reduction, and staff time savings.  Student attendance is automated, Teachers can view real-time class attendance on screen and quickly identify class cutting and lateness.
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system capabilities

•  ID Card Maker
•  Entrance Security
•  Student/Staff Attendance
•  Lunchroom Screening
•  Office Visit Tracking
•  Class Cut Alerts
•  Class Tardy Tracking
•  Parent Web Portal
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•Parent email Notification
•Visitor Processing
•  Detention Management
•  Parent Pickup
•  Crisis Management
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